Why You Must Use Responsive Theme? and How Much does a Responsive Website Cost?

The truth is that times have changed! Currently, just pick up a cellphone, plug in and you’re done. We did not find it very difficult to “be online”. Looking around, workplace, bus stops and even in traffic we have a single certainty: the internet is everywhere. Browsing the web is such a common behavior, that leaving this tool aside in your business and not following technological developments is a real shot in the foot. That’s when responsive sites come in. Wondering how much a responsive website costs and why you need one? Keep reading.

Why You Must Using Responsive Theme?
Why You Must Use Responsive Theme?

Do you know exactly what a responsive website is? A responsive site or layout is nothing more than websites that automatically adapt to the user’s device, be it a pc, a cell phone or a tablet. A responsive site changes its appearance and information and image arrangement according to the size of the screen in which it is being displayed. So if the user uses a small screen, the device will organize itself to show the most important information in the foreground.

Surely you’ve been through situations that have compromised your browsing or limited your experience, right? Responsive sites were created to minimize this type of problem, and allow the user to be able to read the content in full, without giving infinite zoom in and zoom out on the page. You want to know how much a responsive website costs, but first let’s clarify the difference between a mobile site and a responsive website.

There is a big difference between the two modalities, understand:

The responsive site is every site developed to be adapted to any type of screen, a single code that works in different resolutions. Already a mobile site, the template is different, developed exclusively for certain types of devices. It is highly recommended that your site be responsive, but if for some reason this is not yet a project for your business, a mobile site or a plugin that adapts to mobile devices is a good option. Because you do not know how much a responsive website costs, you may end up leaving the project aside and miss the opportunity to be on top of this wave.

Now that you’re familiar with the subject and understand the differences between responsive and mobile site, you might be wondering: How much does a responsive website cost and why should I invest in one. Keep reading and understand the importance of this technology in your business.

Here we have gathered some undeniable reasons to prove that you need to invest in a responsive website:

1) The use of mobile devices is increasing

First, we need to pay attention to the countless data that represent the strength of mobile access in Brazil. The first and most important fact is that mobile devices surpass desktops, according to IBGE. Sales volume via mobile devices grew 30% in the first half of 2018. These numbers are expected to grow steadily and reflect our constant change in behavior.

2) The positive experience for the user is a necessity

Keep an eye on the algorithms! According to Google Think Insights, if a user’s access to your mobile site is poor, or if the address is not found, there is a 61% chance they will leave your page immediately, looking for a potential competitor.

3) Do you produce content?

If you focus on producing content and social media embedded in your marketing strategy, you’ve probably noticed the increase in mobile users. A recent e-Marketer study cites that 93% of users of mobile devices in Brazil use social media with their mobile device. If you are sharing content links and do not have a mobile-friendly website, you will not only experience high bounce rates and low conversion rates, but also a frustrated audience and slipping into a competition.

4) Responsive websites are better for SEO

It’s official! Google has a downfall of responsive layouts and sites. Having a single URL makes crawling for your site much simpler for Google as well as greatly decreases the chances of SEO error on the page.

5) If your competitor has, you also need to have

That’s right! 51% of websites are mobile and tablet ready. If your competition is among the 49% who lost time, consider yourself a lucky guy.
But if in that case, you do not want to be lucky, invest!

With so many benefits to your business, responsive sites are best asked to leverage sales and make your website even more seen on the internet. Now the question is: How much does a responsive website cost? Is it worth investing?

How much does a Responsive Site cost?

The price of a website is one of the most frequent doubts of customers who think of entering the universe of the internet. Knowing about prices and values is super important so you do not fall into the trap and pitfalls of the market, or suffer losses with poorly designed and planned services.

One of the first items to evaluate is who will create the site. In the market, there are several agencies that specialize in creating responsive layouts. The size of the complexity and quantity of technical elements can significantly influence the final value of the project.