What is 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress?

Basically 500 Internal Server Error means that the server is unable to process requests from your WordPress site, but don’t worry if you are experiencing this error we can help you by pointing out some causes and possible solutions.

In 90% of cases 500 internal server error is linked to a problem coming from your WordPress site, knowing that we can rule out at first that it is a bad configuration on the Server, except when it is a VPS Server, in which case we would need to do an analysis. more advanced.

What is 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress?
What is 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress?

The purpose of this content is to help you resolve 500 internal server errors quickly.

1 – Disable All Plugins

When a 500 internal server error pops up I usually go to the WordPress Plugins folder in WP-CONTENT / PLUGINS and renaming the folder, this simple change deactivates all the plugins and here we can know if the WordPress error 500 comes from any plugin.

If commenting on the plugin folder your site comes back, it means that some plugin is having problems, so it is easier to fix, just go to the plugin folder and go commenting plugin by plugin until you get to the problematic plugin.

If the problem is not solved with the deactivation of the plugins you can proceed to go to the next step which is the themes.

2 – Disable Themes

Error 500 Internal Server can be linked to a badly coded theme, to find out if it has to be generating the error 500, just go to the themes folder that is in WP-CONTENT / THEMES and disable theme by theme.

To deactivate a theme simply Rename your folder, just as you did in the plugins.

If this step does not resolve the error 500 in WordPress, we can try one more technique.

3 – HTACCESS file problematic

Another file that can generate error 500 in WordPress is HTACCESS, this file sends direct configuration instructions to the server and any misconfiguration on it or any incorrect line, semicolon and space can generate a malfunction causing the terrible error 500.

To solve this problem, simply access FTP from your site, go to the root of your site, locate and delete the .htaccess file.

No worries WordPress will generate a new valid Htaccess file.

4 – Corrupt WordPress Installation

There are still WordPress users who opt for the famous manual WordPress installation, the one where you download WordPress from the WordPress.org site and upload it via FTP.

This type of installation can be dangerous because if your internet has any latency or unavailability FTP will generate several file upload errors and when you try to access error 500 you will be there.

But not only with manual WordPress installation can this happen, just because you update WordPress through the dashboard and your internet is not going well and the connection goes down can terminate the update process causing not all files to be downloaded or incompletely downloaded to your server, if this happens you will see a Fatal error or error 500.

How to solve if this is the case?

If the last thing you did was try to update WordPress and error 500 appeared, do the following.

Download the latest version of WordPress from br.wordpress.org and upgrade via FTP so you will be doing a manual upgrade and if this is your case then the error 500 in WordPress will have resolved.

5 – Non-server technical problems

I put this item last because it represents a smaller portion in the equation. If your WordPress site is experiencing error 500 per Hosting Server, you can be sure that all other sites installed on this same server are also, so this is a general hosting issue.

To resolve this issue simply contact your hosting provider and check if they are experiencing any serious issues.

6 Final Tips That Will Make All The Difference To Solve Your Problem Up To 10x Faster

As I know 500 Internal Server Error  Generates a lot of headaches among WordPress users I have put together some helpful mindset tips that will make you solve the problem up to 10x faster. Come on.

1 – Keep calm

The situation is already complicated, stress will not help you at all, so keep calm, if you need a back, take your head to think of other things, this will help your mind to organize again.

2 – Respect and Humility

Many WordPress users when an error 500 appears to resort to other professionals in groups on facebook or WhatsApp, the tip here is: No one has an obligation to help you, so if you arrive with a certain arrogance, rude, will cause they don’t want to help you or pay you.

If you need help, reach out to an educated and respectful person or group, explain your situation and that you have tried everything but for lack of knowledge you have not succeeded, I am sure if you do this not only 1 but many will want to help you.

3 – Collaborate, one hand washes the other

I see many WordPress users joining Groups randomly just to “Sugar” what’s in Groups. Know that administrators and users themselves are keeping an eye on you.

I am not saying that you need to post new things or keep looking at WhatsApp every 5 minutes. But when you see a user in need of help and you have something to collaborate with, do it.

When you do this, a phenomenon will happen and this phenomenon is called “Reciprocity”. The human being is a reason for mental shortcuts and reciprocity is one of them.

Reciprocity says that when we help a person, their likelihood of helping us increases considerably.

Be reciprocal.


Don’t let 500 Internal Server Error put you to sleep, WordPress is an amazing platform but every now and then you will come across some bizarre bugs.

Take it easy, take a deep breath that everything will be all right.

I have a very nice 2 phrases that I bring with me in every chaotic situation that are:

1 – If anyone has solved this error I can too. If no one has yet solved it, I will be the first.

2 – For me, the impossible only exists in dictionaries.