Unsafe Site Warning? Find Out What This Warning Means

More and more people are talking about having a safer internet for users, so Google has been worrying and acting against unsafe websites. In order to increase security, the company has been promoting many changes in its products, making all sites use the HTTPS protocol. The main changes have been taking place in Google Chrome.

Unsafe Site Warning? Find Out What This Warning Means
Unsafe Site Warning? Find Out What This Warning Means

Understand the differences between HTTP and HTTPS

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, which in English stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol”. It is a communication protocol between information systems that allow the transfer of data between computer networks.

The HTTPS protocol offers more security with the SSL Certificate. This, in turn, encrypts the downloaded content and only allows its reading to anyone who has a key to access it. It is only up to the user to see if there is a padlock followed by “https” in the URL (address) of the site, especially in e-commerce and sites that require registration or login.

The acronym SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a technology developed to provide more security in the exchange of information between the user and the site server. In fact, the purpose of the SSL Certificate is to prevent people in bad faith from capturing restricted information from users, such as bank details, passwords, and access logins, etc.

There are some categories of SSL Certificate, know:

Certificate of Domain Validation

This is the simplest and easiest to be issued, taking on average 30 minutes for its activation. By offering a low level of data validation, its value is also lower. This SSL Certificate offers a fixed stamp that shows your users that your site is secure.

Certificate for Organizational Validation

To obtain this SSL Certificate you will need a little more information. Data such as telephone, CNPJ and fancy name are critical for you not to be classified as an unsafe site. This SSL Certificate takes 2 days and you will receive a dynamic badge to insert into your site, informing you about your company.

Certificates for extended validation

Extended validation is ideal for you who want to keep your site rating not safe away. It is the best of the certificates and, in addition to security, it also provides a certain digital security status.

With the sending of physical documents to the certifier\’s headquarters, its issuance takes on average 5 days, counting by the date of delivery of the documents. The Extended Verification SSL Certificate is the most expensive of the options available for the non-secure site.

SSL Certificate Free

For those looking for a free option, Lets Encrypt is the option. This SSL certificate is completely free and is successful among Internet users, in addition to having an easier installation than the others.

HTTPS and Google ranking

SSL Certified sites have the advantage of ranking in Google search results. Of course, HTTP does not guarantee that your site is ranked first, but it can be a deciding factor when it comes to breaking two competing sites. It is worth to say that a site without HTTPS will hardly occupy the first organic positions in the searches of a search engine.

Do not have SSL Certificate and is the non-secure website message displayed? Learn why this happens:

As we said at the beginning of the text, Google is eyeing security and promoting a number of changes to its products. These changes began to be made in 2017 when the company began to identify sites in HTTP as an unsafe site. This change mainly affected sites that somehow collected user information such as passwords and logins.

Chrome was then upgraded to a “non-secure site” message on all pages that promoted any kind of user interaction, such as contact forms, email sign up, and other common Internet activities. In July 2018, the updates were drastic and affected all sites that did not adhere to the HTTPS protocol.

Currently, what we see in Google Chrome is the display of a gray lock. As more and more sites are using HTTPS, the “secure site” warning is behind.

Is it worth having the SSL Certificate?

The answer is: for sure! The competition on the internet is great and you need to be ahead. Hiring an SSL Certificate guarantees the security of your company and all its users, generating credibility and trust.

How to acquire an SSL Certificate and get the site secure?

The implementation of SSL Certificates must be done by the company where your site is hosted. In addition to the free certificate option, there are several other paid methods, which offer very interesting differentials, such as intrusion tests and others. It pays to know and understand the differences, so hiring a specialized company is essential.

If you need help implementing the SSL Certificate and ending the \’unsafe site\’ warning, please contact us . We have several options that will ensure the security of your site. Oh, and do not forget to share this information on your networks, our goal is that there are fewer and fewer unsafe sites out there. To the next.