How to Fix Error When Uploading Image in WordPress – HTTP ERROR

Error When Uploading Image in WordPress? Now let’s learn how to solve this error very easily, shall we?

How to Fix Error when Uploading Image in WordPress - HTTP ERROR
How to Fix Error when Uploading Image in WordPress – HTTP ERROR

What is the reason for the error?
There are several reasons why this error occurs when you try to upload an image in WordPress because it can not figure out the cause of the problem, it has an “HTTP Error” error message.

Since this message is very generic it does not help much to understand the error, because of this, we will use some methods to solve this problem.

# 1 – Temporary server error

First let’s see if this problem is not something temporary server, which for some reason is with little bandwidth or unusual traffic.

Given this, wait a little while, at least one minute to upload again and check if the error continues.

Also try different image formats such as .jpeg, .png or .gif and make sure all files can pass.

Another interesting thing is to reduce the weight of the image to do one more test. Taking advantage of a cool article speaking How to optimize images for the Web , then take a look there.

If I can not do any uploads by performing the above tests, let’s go to the other solutions.

# 2 – Editing .htaccess

This solution will define how the Imagick to use the server features, some shared servers limit the Imagick’s ability to process the image quickly and this can make the error happen.

To solve, let’s use the code below by adding it to your server’s .htaccess file.

This code will cause Imagick to use only one server thread to process the image.

# 3 – Increase the WordPress memory limit

Another very common cause is the lack of memory available to WordPress. To solve this we will simply increase the amount of memory that PHP can use on the server.

You will add the code below to your wp-config.php file.

define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );
This code will increase the memory limit to 256MB which is sufficient to solve any memory limit problem.

I hope these tips help you solve the error when uploading an image in WordPress okay?

If you have any questions you can use the comments below and if you have another solution share with us ok?

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