How to fix Error 404 Not Found WordPress Easily

How to fix 404 WordPress Error Easily-have you ever encountered a 404 error on WordPress website?. Certainly never dong, because friend searched this article ????. This Error 404 generally occurs because the requested file or link is unavailable.

How to solve Error 404 WordPress is not difficult. Because Buddy just needs to make a permalink change through the WordPress admin buddy. But there is also a thing another causing this error 404, among them, is the wrong setting .htaccess file.

Cause Error 404 WordPress

Here are some common causes of error 404 on a WordPress website or other types of website:

1. Misinterpret the URL (address). This cause does sound very trivial, which is a misinterpreted address or website link. However, this cause often happens when the typo Buddy is in the browser to interpret the URL. So, please check back the URL address you want to access.

2. Caching problems. This Caching is the activity of storing data in a static form so that the website can be quickly accessed. Caching can be done by browsers, websites or hosting servers. If the website owner has already made a URL change, but caching in the browser is still the old one, it will certainly occur error 404. Therefore we recommend clearing the cache or browsing history in the browser.

3. DNS setting problems. When you have recently performed a transfer server or a hosting activity that causes the domain to propagate again. Typically it will cause error 404 when accessed. For faster DNS propagation, PAL can try to use the Cloudflare service.

4. Problems with WordPress compatibility. This problem occurs from the WordPress side. And it can be caused by plugins or WordPress themes that affect the permalink to become messy or change.

5. Problems configuring the .htaccess file. In addition to some of the above causes, there is another one that causes WordPress to be error 404, that is because of the .htaccess file configuration is incorrect. Because of some cases that are ever natural, the .htaccess configuration that does not fit into the theme or WordPress will cause the website error 404.

These are some of the causes that often caused the website error 404. Well, then how to overcome the subject?. Maybe we\’ll cover how to handle it in some way only. But before we try first by doing WordPress permalink update only. Because it is for error 404 WordPress can already be resolved by doing the permalink update only.

Resolving Error 404 WordPress

Here are some troubleshooting WordPress 404 errors that you can use:

#1 Reset Permalink WordPress

Doing WordPress Permalink setting is very easy and done by logging into the WordPress admin.

Please log in to the WordPress Admin > > Click on the menu “Settings ” > > select “Permalinks ” > > Change the permalink model to other types of models and click “Save ” > > Next please change to the previous model and click on “Save “.

How to fix Error 404 Not Found WordPress Easily
How to fix Error 404 Not Found WordPress Easily
How to fix Error 404 Not Found WordPress Easily
How to fix Error 404 Not Found WordPress Easily

#2 Reset files .htaccess

To reset .htaccess, Buddy can go through the Cpanel or the panel used today. The .htaccess file is generally a file manager and a site file storage. If it has not appeared, then please bring up the .htaccess file with show hidden files. Besides reconfiguring, Buddy can also deactivate .htaccess by changing the name. An example of a renamed .htacess becomes. htaccess_bug.

Please add this script .htaccess standard WordPress If reconfiguring:

# BEGIN WordPress

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

# END WordPress

#3 Disable plugins or change themes

The next way is to deactivate the plugin or change the theme. To disable the plugin simply do rename as in the previous .htaccess Rename Guide.

If disabling the plugin also still fails, then the next is to replace the active theme. Because it does not close the possible themes used are currently error due to crashes with plugins or other problems.

#4 DNS Propagation

To solve the problem of DNS propagation can be by using Cloudflare. Because Cloudflare generally does not take a long time for propagation.

Error 404 is one of the most common problems. But Buddy does not have to worry, because the problem can be easily solved by following one of the ways that I have delivered. Monitor websites every day to always update with the state of the website.

Such a Tutorial fix Error 404 WordPress easily, hopefully, useful and can help buddy. Don\’t forget to share this article with your buddy.