How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

Recently one of our readers asked us if it was possible to duplicate a WordPress page with a click? Creating a copy of an article/page allows you to work on the content while maintaining an original version. In this Tutorial Let’s show you how to quickly duplicate WordPress articles/pages.

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

Why do you want to duplicate an article/page?

When working on redesigning a site, you can copy and paste the content of an existing page to make adjustments.

Although you can edit a page, copy and paste all of your content into a new project, none of the other elements, such as images, SEO data, page templates, can be copied as easily.

It is at this point that having a page duplication function becomes very convenient.

Similarly, for articles, you will often have to work on old projects or articles already published.

With this practice, all you have to do is duplicate a page and start making the changes.

Here’s how to duplicate the content of an article/page in WordPress.

How to duplicate a page or a WordPress article?

First, you need to install and enable the “Duplicate Post” plugin.

After activating this plugin, you should visit the following location: Go to Settings -> Duplicate Post and customize behavior as needed

How it works:

In ‘Edit Posts’/’Edit Pages’, you can click on ‘Clone’ link below the post/page title: this will immediately create a copy and return to the list.

In ‘Edit Posts’/’Edit Pages’, you can select one or more items, then choose ‘Clone’ in the ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown to copy them all at once.

In ‘Edit Posts’/’Edit Pages’, you can click on ‘New Draft’ link below the post/page title.

On the post edit screen, you can click on ‘Copy to a new draft’ above “Cancel”/”Move to trash” or in the admin bar.

While viewing a post as a logged in user, you can click on ‘Copy to a new draft’ in the admin bar.

3, 4 and 5 will lead to the edit page for the new draft: change what you want, click on ‘Publish’ and you’re done.

There is also a template tag, so you can put it in your templates and clone your posts/pages from the front-end. Clicking on the link will lead you to the edit page for the new draft, just like the admin bar link.

Duplicate Post has many useful settings to customize its behavior and restrict its use to certain roles or post types.