How to Deliver and Receive Cash, Card, or Voucher on Woocommerce

The amount of online business we can build using our beloved WooCommerce is truly endless! Unsurprisingly, CanalWP and I particularly love the platform for online stores within WordPress. We always seek to bring tools and tutorials on procedures that we use in our daily lives – for our personal projects and those of our clients. So today we will teach you which plugin and how you will be able to deliver and receive cash on delivery for WooCommerce.

The delivery service for local delivery within WooCommerce is not at all difficult to set up. By making a few setups you can display this delivery option in your store – which makes your customers happier and your business more flexible.

How to Deliver and Receive Cash, Card, or Voucher on Woocommerce
How to Deliver and Receive Cash, Card, or Voucher on Woocommerce

Contrary to what many may think, by generalizing the types of business, the delivery service does not only apply to pizzerias and other sub-niches of the food market. Many shoe, clothing, cosmetics, and technology stores, for example, offer local delivery through delivery as one or only delivery option on their websites.

It turns out that usually the entire purchase amount, including the delivery fee, is charged to the credit card, debit card, ticket or any other payment method offered. This is where entrepreneurs see something to be improved.

After all, delivering and receiving cash, debit card, credit or voucher on delivery is extremely common and more efficient for companies – especially those who outsource the delivery service.

Plugin Woo Payment On Delivery

The tool we tell you to deliver and receive cash, debit card, credit or voucher (meal card) at the time of delivery is the Woo Payment On Delivery plugin. You will have on your site, at the time of checkout, the option to pay in cash and with change information. All in cash!

Note that this plugin actually adds a new form of payment to your WooCommerce site. As with other plugins developed by Creative Creation, Woo Payment On Delivery requires minimal setup in order for your store to start offering cash delivery and changeover to the customer.

Using this plugin you will receive not only the shipping charge – if you charge something for the service, but the full purchase price. Receiving cash on delivery allows you to lower costs, fees and amounts passed on to card companies and common payment gateways, for example, PagSeguro.

Configurando o Woo Payment On Delivery

After we install the Woo Payment On Delivery plugin in our WooCommerce store, some setups need to be done to start delivering and receiving cash, debit card, credit or voucher on delivery. They are few but really necessary.

To get started, go to the store\’s default platform configuration page at  WooCommerce> Settings.

At the top of the page, you will see that there are several tabs – you may already know the Woo structure, click on the one with the title Check out. This is where we set up payment methods for sales made in our online store.

On the checkout settings page, click the On Delivery link.

We now have the page where we will enable the plugin Woo Payment On Delivery, specify texts and other rules for the correct operation of the tool in the WooCommerce store.

Start by checking the checkbox that enables the plugin in your store.

Then enter a title so your customers understand the form of payment as  Delivery, Motoboy, or Pay on Delivery.

And we arrive at the accepted payment settings, we have the debit card, credit and voucher options. Add or remove accepted flags (Visa, Mastercard, etc…) to your card machine from your establishment.

The last setting is one of the most important. To which delivery methods should receive the sale amount in cash, debit card, credit or voucher on delivery be applied? The ideal is to select the one or those that allow the service with the use of moto boy or own transport.

So be careful what you mark. I left it selected only as Flat Rate  – just like  Free Shipping, I can use it as delivery.

Click the Save button to apply the settings made.

Deliver and Receive Cash, Debit Card, Credit or Voucher on WooCommerce

Woo Payment On Delivery installed and properly configured, we can simulate a purchase to test how it turned out.

When you select the delivery method you set, the payment option on delivery appears:

To track orders and view cash receipt information on delivery for WooCommerce, you can usually access your order list through  WooCommerce> Orders.

You can see order notes in the general listing and also by selecting to view order details – in the notes area you can check whether or not the customer needs change.

Another really cool thing is that even in WooCommerce transactional emails, used for notifications, change information and payment method are displayed. Therefore, neither you nor the customer will have any questions or reasons to misunderstand when the order is delivered and payment is requested.


Always aiming for improvements to their business, successful digital entrepreneurs seek better sales conditions. For local businesses or deliveries within their own neighborhood and city, receiving cash, debit card, credit or voucher on delivery is more than interesting. More than a trend, the execution of buying and selling over the internet is a reality. Therefore, having the option to make deliveries and receive cash, debit card, credit or voucher on WooCommerce is a differentiator for any online business.

The Woo Payment On Delivery plugin can be a really useful tool for those who work with product delivery via delivery. Because, in addition to offering one more payment method for your customer, it can reduce costs for your company. It\’s worth testing and adjusting in a way that best fits your line of business.

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