CPA Mediahub: Make $15k+/month while Sleeping!

Because no one has ever seen about Mediahub here, so I discussed this time.

I know this is quite easy to accept in this network. As long as you have a web related to their niche and targeted traffic somehow it does. You can get in. Register directly to

The type of ad, direct link only. Their Payout, Net 30, Net 7 and Biweekly. You can ask for an upgrade to biweekly if you have a good history earning.

Friendly Reminder:

1. Be a smart publisher. Before you advertise any network, it would be a good idea to contact your AM first to avoid any unwanted things. Talk to them via Skype if possible. You can ask for input, request a fixed rate, change payment method, ask for an upgrade payment schedule, etc. Remember! Shame asking misguided on the way!

2. Make a good relationship with your AM, you will undoubtedly reap the results (right?) But that\’s truly proved. I was given a bonus of $1.500 this month as a thank you from them. Not bad, huh?

CPA Mediahub: Make k /month while Sleeping!
CPA Mediahub: Make k /month while Sleeping!

For the niche that support in Mediahub is:
Sports (UFC, Football, Soccer, Marathon, Racing, Wrestling, Basketball, Boxing, Hockey, Tennis, etc)

Examples of LP as below:

CPA Mediahub: Make $15k /month while Sleeping!

CPA Mediahub: Make $15k+/month while Sleeping!

Rate Tier 1 Country Info:

  • US = $22.4
  • UK = $24
  • CA = $21
  • AU = $32
  • NZ, FR = $33.6
  • IR = $25.6
  • ND, BE = $38.4

For countries in Asia such as Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, its etc rate is standard $22.4. Sometimes It’s less, depends on the offers rotation.

Support all traffic from free, organic, or paid. Based on my experience, the organic traffic Conversion Rate is higher than the others.

If you guys are still using Adcenter/Affforce as monetization, I’d suggest moving to Mediahub. Try it first at least. The obvious rate of Mediahub is higher than any network and you can see for yourself how to CR (conversion rate).
I Hope this information is useful to all of you.