5 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

And that’s all right? Today I’m going to talk about the best backup plugins for WordPress.

Always keep a copy of your blog in WordPress is of paramount importance because if you happen to have a problem of the type: updated a theme and broke the whole blog, added a plugin and screwed with everything or even you had the site invaded … yeayyy !!! Only with a current backup to save.

In these cases, you just need to upload the backup to the server and you’re done! Everything’s solved. UFA!

There are several free and paid backup plugins for WordPress, and they’re usually pretty easy to use.

So let’s get to know some of the best WordPress backup plugins?

[Note] Many providers often make backups, but remember that it is your responsibility to back up your blog. Do not just trust your accommodation, okay?


Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

This plugin is free for WordPress. Like if you can create a complete backup of your blog and save it in the cloud or download it to your computer.

It can be scheduled with this so you’re carefree if you’ve backed up and can sync with DropBox, Google Drive and more.

UpdraftPlus has a premium version that frees up more features like migrating or cloning the blog, database search and replacement, multi-site support and more.


Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

Another free plugin for you to back up your blog in WordPress with cloud storage such as Dropbox or your computer.

Very easy to use and still allows you to schedule backups automatically. Just create a Jobs and perform the settings.

To restore is also very simple.

All-In-On Migration

Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

Plus a very good free plugin and also very easy to use. It has the option to export, import and backup.

You just need to click on “Export” and choose “File” and download to your computer, the other options are paid such as FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and so on.

To return the backup simply go to “Backups” and click “Restore” in the list of backups of the plugin. But simple than that impossible.


Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

This plugin creates a copy of your blog, much used to migrate sites in WordPress. However, it does have backup capabilities.

Unfortunately, it does not have the option to create the backups automatically, so you would need to create the habit of doing your backups regularly.

Other than that he is fulfilling what he promises.


Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

This plugin is very complete too and has automatic scheduling. To find the plugin is very simple, it is in the menu Tools> Backup.

The BackUpWordpress keeps the last 7 backups and will delete the old ones, you can set up between backing up the files database or doing it individually, in addition to the time interval.

You also have the possibility to notify by email when the backup is finished, if the backup is less than 10mb it is sent by attachment in the email.

To store your backups in the cloud you need the premium version.


Each backup plugin has its pros and cons. It is up to you to choose what is best for your blog and always check if everything is ok with the backup files.

Remembering to always leave a copy on your computer or in cloud storage, do not leave your backups on the same server, doing this you risk losing everything in case your server’s hardware burns or in case of being hacked.

I hope you enjoyed this security tip with the best backup plugins for WordPress if you use some plugin comment below and tell your experience.