6 Free Tools to Test Website Speed. Earn Up to 30% More Hits

Can you imagine how many users gave up accessing your site because of the time it took them to load? It is normal to find websites heavy and slow. If a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 3 out of 10 users will give up access and, consequently, the purchase. Who says this is Google and so it\’s worth keeping an eye on. Nowadays, the speed of the processes is much questioned, so much that the free tools to test speed of the site populated by the internet.

6 Free Tools to Test Website Speed. Earn Up to 30% More Hits
6 Free Tools to Test Website Speed. Earn Up to 30% More Hits

We have separated a list with tools to test site speed – all free – so you know how your page is performing. After the tools, check out optimization tips that will help you better load your site. Come on?

1. Pingdom

This free tool to test site speed brings specific information about loading time, page size and other data very important for you to analyze performance. Tip: It has a history with all your stored tests for future comparisons and its interface is super-intuitive.

2. Load Impact

Slightly different from Pingdom Tools, Load Impact offers graphical data that measures the speed of your site when accessed by a certain amount of people simultaneously. This free tool to test site speed is ideal for staggering the number of hits in a controlled environment.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Of course, Google would not be left out of this selection of free tools to test website speed! The tool provides this platform to measure the performance of your page on mobile and desktop devices. It is even capable of analyzing and suggesting improvements for you to implement, and increase your rankings.

4. GTmetrix

This free tool to test site speed aligns the cascade with the loading timeline of objects to recommendations similar to PageSpeed. The graphics are a bit simpler and you can download the report in PDF format.

5. WebPageTest

This tool offers the possibility of choosing the location of origin of the test and also the type of browser. Speed tests are always performed from a starting point to where the physical server is located. Thus, the starting point will make a difference in the result. For example, if you are accessing a site in Brazil and the server is in the United States, the response time will be longer compared to a user in the US.

6 OctaGate SiteTimer

The difference of the free tool to test site speed “OctaGate SiteTimer” is that it displays how long each session of your site is taking to load by the device. So you can figure out what is slowing your page. In addition, it shows the total loading time of the site. It is a very complete tool and simple to use.